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Lobby: Your relaxation experience begins the moment you step into our softly lit guest room.  Cushioned seats and leather couches welcome you to lounge as you ready your mind and body for your therapeutic session.  The aesthetic talent of local photographer Pamela Hughart brightens the room with a Victorian-like elegance.  Please help yourself to the Zen garden and informative reading material before or after your appointment.  Special blends of herbal teas and bottles of water are complementary to our guests.



Chesapeake Bay : Bring your senses to the tranquil setting of the Chesapeake Bay.  Here you will be immersed in the calming shades of spa blue and sand-colored interior as your thoughts drift closer to the shoreline.  The serenely lit ambiance of lighthouse and tea light décor allows your eyes and body to rest, while the optional massage bed warmer provides a sensation similar to reclining on the beach on a warm, sunny day.



Morning Mist on the Congo: Take a peaceful venture through the rainforest as you find yourself surrounded in our Congo-inspired theme.  Light green walls with cascading vines are complemented by bamboo blinds and timber-shaded accents.  Gentle drapery hangs above as you lie on a soft, earth-colored blanket and experience the benefits of your massage session.








Phoenix at Sunset: Perhaps you prefer scenery of painted skies and landscape, such as the heart of Phoenix.  This room brings the clarifying tones of orange and blue from the desert twilight to your appointment.  As tea lights illuminate the delicate mirror wall art, imagine witnessing nature’s sunlight as she gracefully embraces the day’s end.





Bourbon Street: If you enjoy the exhilaration of Mardi Gras, visit our Bourbon Street themed room.  Festive colors of purple, gold, green, and red splash across the room in the form of beads, artwork, and decorative masks.  Experience the bold and lively visual sensations while your body is rejuvenated.  Feeling a bit more adventurous?  Add our detoxifying mud back treatment to your personalized massage session to enjoy the feeling of refreshed, hydrated skin.


Napa Valley: Couples have the option to unwind together as they embrace the welcoming décor of a peaceful wine garden. Escape the stresses of the week as you and your loved one become immersed in a romantic environment surrounded by delicate art and novelties crafted out of wine bottles.


Optional Features:  An oil burner and essential oils are available should you wish to request an aromatherapy upgrade to your massage experience. Essential oils can be customized to your individual needs or may be chosen from our special seasonal blends.  Please see the "Services and Rates" page for updates to our seasonal aromatherapy packages.  All massage beds come equipped with warmers to suit your temperature requests.