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Loyalty Rewards


Clients can now earn loyalty rewards which can be redeemed for future services or retail. 2000 points equals $10.


You can earn points simply by things you already do, and you are automatically signed up to start earning points as soon as you sign up for our newsletter, or make your first appointment.                    

                                                                  Members receive/ Non Members receive

Pre-Book at Checkout (First time)            50 Points/ 25 Points

Pre-Book at Checkout                               20 Points/ 10 Points

Book Online                                               10 Points/ 5 Points

Create Online Account                               15 Points/ 5 Points

Refer 1 Customers                                     2000 Points/ 1000 Points

First-Time Service                                       50 Points/ 25 Points

Customer Birthday                                      8 Points/ 5 Points

Customer Anniversary                               15 Points/ 5 Points

Book Online and Checkout                        15 Points/ 10 Points

Also earn 1 point per 1 dollar spent on retail or services 


For every 2000 points earned you receive $10 off any retail or service. Which you can simply apply at a visit or receive in the form of a gift card if you want to allow a friend to use.

The fine print:

Points expire 365 days after accumulating, no cash value, loyalty rewards may be deducted if you miss an appointment, although your rewards are transferrable after you have earned enough for a reward single points are not transferrable, points may not be combined with other discounts.